Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i am back.

OH!!!!!hey i am back! Its been a long while since i've ever blogged.Since last month i think=)

I've been thinking alot lately and i think i have changed?Just the way i act and behave around people i am close to.But its a good change!I've learnt many things from my leaders,mentors and loved ones. Iron sharpens iron indeed!

And i think i am doing better for my studies! I managed to do my E maths without a fuss in the test today?!I've really grown,in my eyes,alot since i last remembered....like when i was England and now is a very very very different Me."No longer I but Christ lives in me". It really means something to me now.

Ill be trying my best to update my blog from now on.Usually im too tired or too lazy to enter my blog account.But now i really dont mind it!BUT first of all! let me conquer my final year exams which is in two weeks time!God bless everyone for the FYE!