Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Love has it's limits.

Love is a many splendid thing. Don't you agree?

I might agree to this in the next few years. Don't get me wrong, I believe in Love.

But what's the problem with love nowadays?

Don't the teenagers know that love has it's limits?

Our human love has it's limits. C'mon guys. It's very prominent. Break-ups and divorces are so rampant nowadays. Isn't this a sure fire way of finding out that love has it's limits?

Apparently not! Divorce is one of the easiest cases to find on the jury's duty list. What more can I say about the limits that love has?

Do you seek real love? Do you feel like you're gonna explode if you don't find a partner?

Can i ask you?You many readers, why do you seek love in people all the time? Do you not know the Heavenly Father has provided for your every need?

Some people view love as a hindrance. Is this really true? I don't find enjoyment in this "love seeking" that you guys crave. Yes, people do crave for it but do not realize it. However, they are not just oblivious to it, they begin to affect others, usually the closest to them.

This does create a ripple effect and does affect the others. Not only does this negligence bring down morale, it brings down the overall mood.

God's love is much better than anyone's.Bear this in mind while I end this very short post.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

The walk of Faith

What's there to life without friends and family to pull you along? And what's more to life if there isn't any music?(Tommy Emmanuel, to be specific)


Who am i?

Who am I? Is it a question you always ask yourself?

I find myself to ask that question quite a lot nowadays. It never seems that I'm asking. But deep down I'm aching to know who i really am.

Am I just one who everyone can talk to? Am I someone of significant importance?

It's always this way don't you think? The answer to our predicament is always in the action of taking a step back and realizing what I done, received and reap. Though I may be 16, many of those who know me might not agree. Just weird that everyone thinks I'm 18 or something. 18 or not, i don't think it's just my facial features or what not. It's just the "atmosphere", as many of you call it.

It's not about Phua or what he has. It's about the Holy Spirit. He not only taught me how to react in certain situations or dilemma. What I recommend to anyone is just to wake up. Don't just go on living life like it's a breeze. Accept the difficulties and eventually the easy times will just roll in. You'll never know it's easy until you know what's tough right?

O levels this year? Take heed. It's tough, I'm dying too. But why disappoint yourself with bad grades and realize you can do so much better the next year? I'm pretty sure that you don't wanna see yourself in the school uniform you've been dying to get rid of right?

Take it, Break it, Anoint it.
Nothing works if you don't anoint it. Take the third step.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Right or wrong? Love or hate?

Ah. I'm back with another piece of information.

It's about this question. "Right or Wrong? Love or Hate?"

Let's talk about the ever constant issue with our beloved parents nowadays. Teenage relationships.

Firstly, advantages. As you might know, love is blind. And trust me, I've witnessed too much of blind love in my short 16 year life span. Many times the love either dies out or in rare cases, exists till marriage and throughout life. The latter might be a good thing to many, but i love going against the grain and give an unexpected answer. Therefore, I say that teenage relationships are actually good, to a certain, very small extent. Do not get me wrong, I might say it's good and all but I do not intend to get attached anytime soon. However, we must look at the "beneficial" side to teenage relationships.

Your parents might not agree to the fact that you have a girlfriend/boyfriend at the age of say, 13-16? But having a partner shows your character. Where, you might ask? Well, to start off, loving is not about how much you proclaim, how much to give. It's a willingness to pull out the I in yourself to turn all your attention to that person. Be it a couple's love or a family's love, that's how it works. Also, you can give without loving but can't love without giving.

So if you think what I just wrote is rubbish, beseech my next sentence. GIVE! Give not only to your loved ones, give to anyone who is willing to accept your love. Where your treasure is, there your heart is also. Right? For that to be true, your giving must not be superceded by your profession of love. Of course, giving does not just include your finances. It can include your time, affection, feelings and pretty much anything you can give.

I've been talking so much about giving haven't I? Let's change the topic. What's in the mind of the opposition? Why do people reject to teenage relationships? You might want to cross these few examples you've probably heard from your parents before.

1. Too little money/no steady job
2. Still schooling
3. Not mature enough
4. Insecure around the opposite gender
5. Insensitive to another person

Out of the five, you've probably a 3 right? These reasons are the most common and generic reasons or should i call them...excuses? However, if you really lack in a point, I'll advice you not to try getting attached.

Being in a relationship takes up alot of your strength. Someone once told me, "Loving your partner is like God loving you.'' Can you imagine that? You have to be "God" to your partner! You have to provide, just as you did to birds, an amount of love that no words can describe. No amount of measurement can measure. You have to achieve that before a true relationship begin.

So there's your answer. Please don't go blindly into any relationship without the proper preparations, in your heart and lifestyle. If you're gonna hurt you partner in the relationship. Please, do yourself a favour and don't try. Remember, Love is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

That wasn't so bad huh? Till next time.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Left or Right?Mars or Venus?Logical or Emotional?

Left or Right?Mars or Venus?Logical or Emotional?
How different are the two sexes, Male and Female? Are they just merely a man and his rib? Or are they the creation of a thousand years of "evolution"? Whatever the reason, there are tons of differences between a Man and a Woman.

Firstly, and most obviously, there is a large difference between a man's physical body and a woman's. But not only is the difference skin deep, there are many differences underneath that layer of annoying irritation. The male hormones are highly reactive, highly volatile and much more one dimensional than their female counterparts. But however awesome the female may sound, the saying goes, everything has pros and cons. Having a good thing here might mean a bad thing somewhere else. No one's perfect right?

Just take a step further. It's not just the physical aspects of the two sexes that are different. A large amount of thinking, that happens in the neurological system known as the Brain, occurs to have differences when comparing a male and female. The male works on logical thinking, where he is brought into belief by mere sight and internal comprehension from the scene in front of him. The female, however, does not have just logic, she has a significantly larger use of her emotional brain. This part of the brain not only tells her to believe what she sees, it takes it a step further by being able to transmit signals that affect body language, consciousness and overall well being. This means that more often than not, a woman can better control her feelings and according to popular belief, will live longer compared to a man.

Superiority has always been an issue. Scientists believe that every foetus is female in the most early stage of pregnancy, usually within the first few week. Only after a certain period, under certain conditions, that the foetus will slowly transform into a male baby. However, the Holy Bible states that Man, or more specifically Adam, was more important. So important that a woman had to be made out of Man's rib.

Legend has it that males are superior. But we must sit on the fence on this issue. Women have definitely proved themselves worthy of gaining superiority over certain man. But, with the emotional aspect taken in, a stressful decision might be made better by a man than a woman, seeing that the decision needs a logical answer.

If you ask me, a man will take a lifetime to understand a woman. This constant curiosity and desire to know more, if genuine, will spark off relationships that bind through, till death does it part.

This will be one of the many snippets of my mind that i will upload onto my blog. Please feel free to argue your point, I'm very open to discuss any issues. Tag it and I will reply to it a.s.a.p.