Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Long awaited comeback

Long awaited comeback!

im back to blogging!Its really a long time since i've blogged...

I was just thinking along the line of BGRs....i really feel that those looking to attached...its kinda because of a lack of the Holy Spirit...yeah its like.......

Hmm....how should i put this.Its a lack of understanding!yes yes...its a lack of understanding and this can be solved with the infilling of the Holy Spirit...so here's my advice...catch it if you can...haha

I have been tremendously blessed ever since i've pledge to the building fund=)and yes thats very good.ah ha...I've so far gotten a new guitar...new shirts jean and lot of other clothing and accesories!Also...there's a confidential case where i can get extremely blessed!

So praise God that even before I fulfill my pledge i am getting so blessed=)

"so blessed that i cant contain!"

i shall blog again soon...in the mean time please be patient!