Sunday, June 25, 2006

long time man...

its really been a long time ive been to service!3 weeks in fact...but after coming back from england i finally went to service...my goodness i forgot how good pastor kong's preaching was man!he preached a storm...and brother poh,sidney,brother david etc. solid la! they even started praise with my favourite song lol...

leaving singapore has made me realise the things i have in singapore and its like nicotine redrawal la...cant do without it=)thanks to all the guys who welcome me back and made me feel ever closer to this family of mine...

OH no! haha i gained weight la...everybody thinks i lost weight...i gained like 5-6 kg...eeee i must lose again...now my diet is cereals ok! and LOW fat milk haha...i will lose untill 55 then i will start my old diet=)

Yesterday when we celebrated val's birthday....wow i saw her face when all the presents were given haha...super happy lor...but i dun think its the presents...its the thought that counts..presents just represent that thought we have=)but of course christian, rico and my present was the best lol...first time i really saw a present of this calibre..solid leh...haha

hmm...i got nothing more to blog about...just reminding all that i love to play winning eleven on xbox...and whoever has a spare,not playing or extra disc please please lend me!haha original only thanks!ill write about other stuff soon!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

wow...stongehedge=)one of the many place i went la...i think it was kinda too tourist oriented...sell all the rubbish...the stones still nice though...er...stonehedge is over 3 thousands old or something i think...on the right is durdle door...its super nice for some rocks...again...the small pebble beach there is kinda nice too=)

whao!crazy horse la...nver see chinese people before ar...kool man haha i was at the buckingham palace then walked over to where the queens guards were...near ten downing street where tony blair lives!kool lol

haha went to the big ben as well...ignore the big brown spots on my face...they are scars from cold sores...and they hurt!

there are many more pictures...but of course i am too lazy cause got over 300...if u really wanna see then tell me=)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

im back!

i have spent over 100 pounds on watever i bought in a 3 week trip!all this stuff will be worn through now till sometime in july.i bought 3 pair of shoes.4 shirts.2 jackets.a tie.lots more la haha.thank goodness not my cash haha.

all this stuff was paid for by my mother cause some smart forgot to change money before going overseas.all due to smart time management and almost missing the check in.

on the 12 hour plane ride home...all in my mind was getting off and being on ngaporean land!but not too bad...the pilot took a different flight plan and it only took 10 hours=)it was super hot and no individual screens.thousands practially wasted on crap service too.

but i should not complain..im back in singapore!looking forward to enjoy the last week of the holidays and maybe to enjoy the school term.i will upload the pics as soon as i get the pics from my sister and as soon as i learn how to.XD

nowadays world cups are getting really boring.beside the odd great goal...many matches have early goals or late goals.early goals make you excited to start with then as the game gets boring when no goal or action happens...you wanna wait for more...waste time lor!late goal worse...make you wait and wait until soon turn off the match expecting no goals.tml morning paper said 1 nil or 2 nil.haiz.

its 213 am and the sweden englandis approaching.i forgot to wear my england shirt la!but i support spain.the england shirt is just cheap=)and got my favourite player lampard's name.

6 to 6 fast..12 hours seems ok and great for my spirit man i think..well i am used to it and ya i will just type more rubbish to extend this..im am just really waiting for the match to start..lalala...boring..i realised there is msn 8 beta...should get it soon..er..oh ya i am saving up for a new guitar and donations would be galdy received.just abit of saving will allow to buy a maestro.

jack johnson is mad.his songs are just mad to play...just a small part can take me n hour to learn haha..but i have so far learnt two songs but only parts of it..um...sitting waiting wishing and upside down too.its fun to play his songs la...so folky and childy..you can imagine cartoons next to you just like in the video.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Is blogging for me?

alright!ive got this blog thing on the right track...thanks to help from melissa...thank you...well i think mostly this blog will be mainly based on the crap and events that happen in my lame life....to start off i am in england...um....gloucester to be exact.its some boring old countryside with a good town centre thats all.The highlight of my 3 week holiday is so far my ONE day trip to london!haha i went to funny places...like harrods,piccadilly circus,trafalgar square e.t.c. i almost went to arsenal station to visit highbury for the last time.time constrains prevented me yet again.

shopping in swindon was also a highlight day despite being bored.swindon is a small village..best known for 1 thing...the mega designer brand mall...where all the stuff is super cheap when there are offers.its like a mad mall....it had nike,ralph lauren,levis and some other great stalls la...of course i bought some stuff...paid by my mother lol because someone forgot to change money for a holidayXO i got pairs of nike shoes,one a crap total 90 fully red but the other is a nike air tempo blue in colour and i think it is 4x2 studs.i almost got a ralph lauren shirt but its was £50...killer price..

There are many things that are new in my life=)so much of clothes and shoes and even a jacket.the best so far is this new guitar my dad bought me before going off to dubai for his work.i mean i was just asking off hand la..he really got me one..though i thought england was boring after going sight seeing wasnt that fun...the shopping was its only saving grace.

overall london is 7/10
7 because it has qutie good sight to see in london and its also caters to others who enjoy the rural lifestyle.7 because of the distance and the length of the flight.even in england itself you have to drive super far lor.this blog came up well...when my trip was due to end.no matter...singapore can also be fun...i will enjoy another 14 hour flight to singapore again this sunday.the worse is that in thai airways...the stewardesses and stewards and in traditional costumes and speak with that thai accent which will blow your mind after a few hours.

i leave with this note."england sucks if your not in london"


i just posted this thingy for the first time!woo!LOL