Monday, August 21, 2006

Dr. A.R. Bernard

Happiness is.

I have never thought about it....but am i happy?Have i learnt tp have wisdom and understanding?Have i learnt to deal with negative emotions in my life?

Blessings are well....Uncountable! I wanna thank God for all the people placed in my life.With no money,I still survived.I will pay back what I owe with what I have.But I still cant find out how I will ever outgive God,creator of the universe!

Dr A.R. Bernard is one of the greatest preachers I have ever heard in my life!Only Pastor Ulf and Pastor Kong is better to me.XD He signed my book"Happiness is" even!Though i didnt get to talk to him or shake his hand.He ministering with the God-given annointing is already GOOD enough!

Transition is a very hard time to go through.With the final year exams coming,the expection to rise up and maintain there during this time is super tough.BUT i pray,in Jesus name,No weapon against me shall prosper! For You are the Way,the Truth and the Life! YAY!

Happy post=)

Friday, August 11, 2006

youth revival+national day.


This Thursday was the Youth Revival Meeting.
Me and Stuart was playing for Praise and Worship.
Thou his Maton died,
GOD still entered in a great way.
with all the technical difficulties.
We still managed to have a great time!

National Day

Singapore is 41 this year!!
I saw a small portion of fireworks on friday at the Esplanade.
Even if it was small,
it was good to see hundreds on people there,
being patriotic and all.haha

Sunday, August 06, 2006



Solid stuff from the CCC band and Don Moen. The CCC band really let the whole of Singapore's churchs into a powerful time of praise and worship.Don Moen fitted the older more conservative generation.

Queuing is a menice at the Indoor Stadium man!!!so many people,security and regulations to follow.BUT thanks to certain people!(thank you!!!)we had very good seats whenever i was there=)

EXCITED till the state of insomia.The expentancy to play for the revival meeting is super BIG and kan chiong.Wonder how it will be on stage.

This is the way i will learn how to do things though.Once done the second time will be easier.And the following would be even easier!!!

Might be playing Electric guitar though.Have to learn it soon.The CPX700 is a nice guitar by Yamaha.It is just nice for me.Action,size,everything is just nice.800 dollars seems reasonable for an almost custom made guitar!