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Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is a black market reformation.

Yes i'm back. I know it's the umpteen time i've said this, but i promise to keep this as updated as possible. lol

Well it's chinese new year season. boring stuff i would say. i mean dinners and reunion stuff and all are fine. but it's just something I'd love to miss out. Not that i'm anti-social or what, but it's just something i can't explain.

I've realised that of date, i've become more independent. or rather, i love to be on my own. i guess it's a good and a bad thing? haha. i've been labelled 'emo' and i dont think that's great. but i get some quiet when i'm alone. so i guess it's a balance aye.

and strangly my blog looks weird. but who cares. maybe i do. but yeah, anything goes.

oh and if i start blogging like this everytime. lol. i'd puke but i guess you'd be happy.

and i feel like dying cause i don't know what to do.pfft.don't ask me about it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There Can Be Miracles.

THERE CAN BE MIRACLES. I have decided to finally update my blog.

There's been people sniping me to update. And i guess i should. Long long long long time since i've last posted and i'm not gonna slaughter you all with my expositional essays. Rather i'll update you all about my life. ha, here goes.

firstly i'm in FSV,Film Sound and Video at Ngee Ann. awesome course, class, school. Everything about it just vibes "phua" and it's what i enjoy doing. Despite the lack of exams but mega major projects, it's something i'm very grateful for. And if you were wondering, i really am enjoying the course. Can't wait for more torture, in a good way!

secondly. Lomo has become a part of my life. haha. Not the marketing schemes or the supposed dopeness. But the actual release of artistic prowess and emotional expressions. I lomo for love, not for hype. You guys can check my flickr pages up, and And, it's not some fad. I'm sticking with it. Here one photo to entice you to my flickr page.

And for those who love it. Flickr Flickr. haha.

Thirdly, i've been thinking about it and i've decided to get a new electric guitar. most probably a CIJ(Crafted In Japan) Fender Stratocaster[ for those who know nuts about guitars, google it.]. So yeah, i'll get all prepared for electric guitaring, Blues is my thing. Acoustic Guitar is how i was brought up, but electric guitar is my maturity. lol to that line.

Tweedly speaking, i've never blogged like this since, i was like 14. I feel so different as a 17 year old fella. Strangly people, i am not 25-30. Dont base things on my previous posts. I just, read more than a usual 17 year old.

I can't get anymore updates into my mind. But i will update. Soon. i promise it wont be like a 6 month gap again. i'll try.

Till then, Ciaoz!

Signing off,Yes, that's how i look now, if you havent seen me in a long time. HAHA. ok, ciaoz,love!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Guess who's back?

You're probably right, you've guessed it, PHUA is back.
Yes yes, the man is in the house.

This time, the topic's gonna be on product placement and branding.

I've really got to start the ball by mentioning the Apple IPod. C'mon, you know it, i know it. It's a piece of ingenuity and the pioneer in the art of portable music players. But how did it get this way? Was it based on the sole desire of the vast majority of people to get something that is innovative and creative? I beg to differ. The selling point of the IPod is how it is actually sold into homes and the hands of buyers by the simple approach of the media and of course the awe of Steve Jobs.

Not putting Jobs or Macintosh down. I really admire the way they sell their products to thousands upon thousands of people that believe that Apple, or Macintosh, has the best selling equipment. However, there are several controversies that the IPod is not the ultimate portable music device.

Going back to the 2001 Macintosh Conference,birth place of the first ever IPod. It had a 5.5 hour life span, could hold a thousand songs and could only be charged by Firewire, an Apple invention. The speech was a success not because Jobs held up the perfect portable media player. It was simply in the way he built up the IPod and placed it in a place so far off from the other alternatives that they could barely smell the IPod smoke. The IPod was not only a music player. It was meant to be a profit earner. You're going to say, how can a company not want to make profit. Precisely! Apple has made millions upon millions thanks to their beloved IPod.

How did Macintosh go that far with the IPod? It all was held up on two simple facts. Product awareness and product placement. Making sure that everyone knew what an IPod is was the most important part of the Apple invasion. They had adverts, reviews online and in magazines,some of which are now legendary, for example the hit with the U2 track, "Vertigo". I'm sure that if you mention that song to someone who doesn't listen to U2, the person is going to go, "oh, that IPod advertisement!". It's so true that how much a company spends is how much they are going to get their products sold. Look at Macdonalds for another example. Billions, mind you, BILLIONS are spent on their advertising campaigns. They have TV shows, partys in the restaurant and so many gimmicks. A waste of money? NO. By judging at the amount of profit and revenue they make annually, i'm sad to say that Macdonalds is making the big bucks.

Back to Macintosh now. Have you realised that almost any music player or earphones in any of the movies, commercials, tv series etc. are all IPods? You've never seen a Hollywood film with Creative players being thrown around, or ran with a couple of superstars? It's always the Apple IPod. This is called product placement. If Apple is able to make sure that every single superstar carries an IPod with them, they can be certain that the IPods will sell like pancakes.No doubt that the public will view the IPod as luxury items, as items that stars will carry. This common desire, the deep yearning to be like a superstar or at least of superstar status draws them out to buy an IPod.This is the way companies work the public to get their products. Place high value on their products, yet sell it for a cheaper price because that selling price is leaps and bounds over the cost price, ever since IPods were Made In China.

The trap of commercialism is very very dangerous. IPods are just IPods. It's a matter of personal opinion and personal preference. No way can Apple shove an IPod into your pockets. They would not want to harm consumer rights and their opposition's rights. Fighting a law suit is much worse than persuading the general mass public to buy your products.

Definitely a thought worth thinking when you are shopping next time.

Grand Entry.

Happy Birthday to me.
This was not only a year where i turn 17, but a year that i realised that God's love is not only through the usual. But also through the people that He has placed in my life. A big shoutout to all who wrote in the card, paid for my gifts, drew up their own cards, wrote postcards, sent MSN messages and etc! LOVELY stuff. (Do check the custom C.J.P. on the guitar case!it's one of the gifts, mind you, one of the big ones!)


Friday, November 02, 2007

Freedom Song

What is freedom?

Freedom is a many faced figure to many people of different aspects of life.

To a man on the street, freedom is the right to have a house deed in his name.

To the crminal, freedom is getting out of his jail cell.

To an O' level student, freedom is completing his or her papers as soon as possible.

Freedom is an opinionated view, usually biased towards the party involved. Freedom usually occurs in the head first, as a thought, a thought where the best situation happens to the person. The person believes that he has freedom by doing this act. This belief will then trigger an action, one where the person believes will grant him his so desired freedom.

But what is freedom really all about? To me, it is the true liberation of fears, which will lead to the releasing of potential in anyone or anything. If a person has "freedom", it doesn't mean that that person can do anything he or she wants/likes. That person has freedom when his or her fears are lifted away. The potential that is inside everybody is the main source of that fear. We are fearful only of ourselves. So fearful that we do not do things that ought to be done. We also create a boundary and limit ourselves to the amount of work we can do. This is surprising true when it comes to sports.

Have you ever worked out in a gym alone, by yourself? You'll usually find the session unfullfilling and will go home, begging for more of a kick out of the two hours wasted. If you take a closer look at it..when we're alone and by ourselves, we set a limit on ourselves. We need a constant push, in the form of a personal trainer or your closest friends. No matter what, to achieve a perserverance of high quality, we humans must be encouraged.

Also, have you ever told yourself that you'll lose this amount of weight in this designated timeframe? This kind of plans will not usually come to pass until you, yourself,will sacrifise your lifestyle and eating habits. Experts would be that pushing force in this equation.

As i pen down these examples, i have a vague idea of what you think freedom is. It is truly the sensibility, knowledge and total faith in yourself, the desire to prove that you are either right or should be listened to. In all, freedom is a choice you must make. No one stands on earth today without a choice made on them.

No matter how far you go in life, freedom will be a big issue. Freedom from the work crisis, freedom from the liberation of conforming to the normal. Freedom is not as easily gained as it is thought of. You have to know what to do in order to gain freedom.

Freedom is part of a prompt testing of God, or any other higher force you believe in. Freedom, or the desire to be free is planted into every single thing that is living. Your willingness to fight for that freedom is the test score of the test. The
more willing, the higher the test score.

If you are looking for freedom, first thing you should do is not to be normal. I'm not telling you to do stupid things, but i am illustrating the fact that only unique people change the world. What good would a person be if everyone was exactly like him?Would it be logical that someone can change the world just by being normal and average?

Freedom comes from being the odd one out. You can't maintain your pride while seeking freedom. No man has ever been proud to say, "I am free", unless he has worked hard for it, so much so that he had to humble himself in front of others.

Liberation is a step towards freedom. If you learn how to get yourself liberated from your situations, problems and every fear, you'll be a free man. You'll be so filled with freedom that you don't want it anymore.

Therefore, no matter what happens, i choose freedom. Why be stuck in the normal, boring and mundane society that we live in now? Freedom should be sought and it will be, as soon as you have the desire to be liberated.

Freedom is in your hands.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self Help.

All throughout my 16 years on earth, i've realised that we people are a common bunch. We always want what we can't have, don't you agree? I hate to list examples but everytime you see the newest game in stores, don't you jump for joy and scream for your parents, begging them for every single penny they have worked hard for, just for your pleasure? what's worse is that you chuck the game away in some cupboard, leaving it for the moth and dust.

What's real funny to me is that we take pride in everything we have, say for example I have my guitar. I really do enjoy playing the guitar and all, but don't you realise something? Let me tell you a secret.Since i've learnt the guitar, at least 10 people have sprouted out, expressing an interest to learn the guitar. I've always given this face, =). I'm telling you now, i'm glad for my own influence, but it's getting out of hand! But i blame no one, it's a normal, human tendency. I've already explained it in the above paragraph.

As for myself, you might say, "oh, Phua's speaking nonsense, he is too 'humble' for himself". Truth is, i am being humble. I want to be humble because i never loved showboating. If you realised I never took "compliments" well, i would usually push them aside and say that i'm not that good, not that up-to-standard as you think. This is the way that i was brought up, never acclaim anything to yourself too much, always portray yourself as someone who is lower than the others. Being the normal,average guy.

You might say, "What on earth is phua rambling about?". All I can say is that this post is not more than just identifying human tendencies. It's also about the usual,normal way that a person will act.As i'm typing this, it's drizzling. You know what the normal human tendency is? You've guessed it, grab an umbrella and go or, brave the rain and step out of your house.

You might think,"i'm not this way"and all, but you have to examine yourself. I have creditablity as a human to say that this is a normal person's reaction.

Back to the topic(i think i got rather off the main topic), i realised that everyone in our community has a certain amount of "wants" and "needs". We clearly know what they are and how to distinguish them. BUT, our human tendencies get in the way. We always mix up our wants and needs. As a small child you go, "Daddy, i want this and that toy". And as a student you go, "Hey Dad, i need money for this weekend, I've got a date." As an adult you'll go, "Hey Honey, I need to show you this and that guitar, i think this could make a nice sixth guitar."

All these examples are very good in showing the misunderstanding of needs and wants. They usually start out as wants.But if they are allowed to grow and develop, our human mind will validate it and say that it is a need that we must have, no matter what. Your lunch might turn from a simple plate of fried rice, to keep you full, into an extremely expensive of crab that has little or no meat, costing up to 50-80 dollars.

I'm not saying that we humans indulge in expensive things, i'm saying that we should note our human tendencies and distinguish our needs and wants. We should be contented with what we have and not what we can't have.

What we have is what we deserve.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey guys, i decided to take a break from the issues of my mind and just post about the issues of my heart for this post today.

I was wondering how much our studies matter to us. No matter how we look at it, we never know that we are being stressed, or crushed, or brought to a point in our lives that we are changed. From what we are and into what we don't want to be. We can't control it but we know we can do something about it. We can take lemons and make lemonade.

Having found myself in situations that really push,pull and try to crush me, i have to admire my peers. They may seem stressed, but they don't show it. Not that this is a sign of strength. But this is a sign of strong willpower, tenacity and perserverance. I respect, envy and admire the faith, hope and love I see in the many friends that i have. Especially the people i study with almost everyday. You know who you are! I am supremely proud of you guys. It's not over but i have to say, whatever you guys have done has impacted my life, to a point where i know it's for the better.

Ups or downs don't ever make you guys falter and trials never make you discouraged. You lift up and encourage, you build up and create faith, hope and love. I am awed at the sight and i am very greatly encouraged.

So there you have it, my heart is at rest now. I am truly in debt to everyone who has helped me in my life.

Thank you all.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slogans and their Retail value

Did you know that many of our beloved brands are heavy advertisers of their own products? It's a little rhethorical but yes, companies don't just make products for the fun of it, they want to make profits!(Who doesn't want to make money nowadays?)

I love observing examples of a person's daily life, filled with slogan after slogan. "Just do it, Nothing is impossible" are just examples of what people are facing everyday.

But are these things more than a slogan? More than that, are they just very smart marketing tactics? Do they
have the power to influence someone to buy or at least promote their products?

Nike. Everyone loves have a pair of sneakers from there. Well, it may be a personal choice, but I do not really like Nike sneakers. It's overrated. The important point, however, is to realise Nike's amazing marketing skills. They have had the slogan "Just Do It" for centuries now, it's so cliche and boring. So typical and predictable. You might think this way. But before Nike was born, no one dared to put slogans on and enforce them to such an extent.

Nike really emphasize their point when they have used the slogan to the point of negative impact. The "just do it, live today" craze probably came to the surface after Nike released their campaign. Nike's clear stand was against it, but when they saw that people were endorsing throwing away their money in return for possessions, Nike got pretty happy, and wealthy too. The side effects of this "revolution" of "live now, spend now than spend it for your funeral" mindset has placed an extremely high tension environment in our modern society, one where every man is for himself, one where selfishness and greed proclaim their authority.

No matter what happens, people will be this way. People are creatures of habit and their habits will not die down so easily. Unless, they are properly alerted to the situation. Unless someone makes a stand and says, "This is enough!". Nothing will change unless we, the makers of our own rise and fall, decide to change.

Our very decisions hang in the balance of whether society will continue to live in this very age, the age of greed and pride. The very Singaporean way to say this is that we will always remain "kiam siap" and "kia su" and obviously, "kia si". It's not official, but Singapore has become a prime example of a society based on habit. The old cultures, traditions and thoughts are kept in a way that sometimes calls for violence, political tension and much to our despair, internal meltdown. The latter of the situations may not be that imminent but trust me, if we decide not to change society, we will experience it one day.

What do I mean by the people keeping old cultures etc.? This is so very typical, especially from a Singaporean."Must be Multi-racial!, Must uphold Racial Harmony!". Let me rebuke this matter. What can I say about this?

The economy is very largely based on the Western countries. More recently, China and India have emerged as the bull market's leaders. The wealth is coming to Asia. But the thing that saddens me is that most of the time, Westerners prefer not to trade with the whole of Asia but only to a certain few "partners" that they have. How did they get these partners you might ask? This is a good example of being able to adapt to any situation. No doubt, China and India have strong cultural backgrounds. Their ideas and philosophies have a long, deep ancestry. But look at them today? China and India have broken into the American market by the very things they swore not to do, according to their cultural beliefs and religions. China is opening up large amounts of land, agriculture, mass media and so on and so forth to America. This is an act that you'll never see Mao or any of his followers do. This is an extreme cultural change that many Chinese reject, until they see the benefits of the American "power".

India, on the other hand, have always been very reluctant to open up trades in fear of the West breaking their religious roots. This day, however, Hollywood has indian-born film stars as well as a thriving trade business with India. No matter how you see it, there is no denying the economic growth they have enjoyed.

However, some laws should clearly be set. Boundaries must be made to ensure that the party involved in the trade does not get bullied and disrespected. America has been very careful so far as not to go and insult the Chinese or Indians in a way that will affect their economic ties. This is also a very good idea as this will strengthen diplomatic ties within the trading nations.

Clearly, nobody wants to see a failing economy. Nobody wants to live in poverty and suffering. So, if we must change society in Singapore to experience great growth as a nation, I believe that we should go all out to change it, making sure that everyone's welfare is not compromised due to disrespect. The supposedly insulted parties should also understand the other party's seemingly disrespectful views if the views can change the very situation they are in.

Therefore, we must strive to seek a balance in life and understand what and why something is said.