Thursday, June 14, 2007

long over due

Hey everyone, I think this blog post is way LONG LONG overdue! Well i just wanted this post to be more...mellow? more about myself and what i think about sometimes. So, get yourself some chips because this will take awhile=)Thank you though, for taking to effort to read this.

Well, as you guys might have known. I am taking my O's this year. As i said this was overdue, i am quite backdated about updating my personal life on this blog. So when my mid year results came in. Bam..what results?!Not being to serious about this. I fared quite badly. And can you believe it?DNT pulled me UP. Up is not a word i use with DNT my friends. Maths was ownage, so was my science. Everybody thought everything was fine..and all. But truth is results do matter. especially at my mid years. i mean no one will accept a student who fails right?Imagine a soccer team without players who have feet. weird? Yes. My friends, as i look through that result slip.I actually didn't even read it through,sorry. I glanced at it and thought, "i'm screwed". So there, i do actually see myself..in a good institution in the near future. But as usual, hindrances always come.

Fortunately, on a happier note, I did improve from secondary 3. Back then, i was worse. Ha. I cannot visualize myself before this year. It's too big of a change for me. I've never looked back at myself and thought, "man i've deproved". Thankfully, i've been blessed.Tremendously i might say.

SO. What am i doing,writing about this rubbish? I didnt write this to make anyone sob over me, come talk to me. But all i did this was to engage my "rubbish" to a channel where i know i won't feel stupid or embarassed to do what I've done. Thanks to the "blogs" ha.

Great inventions, these things. To imagine that before 1945,what we knew was considered spat compared to what we know now.Blah Blah everybody's talking about mass media, information technology.Can you imagine that our grand parents or maybe great grandparents don't know what Macdonalds is?

Speaking about Macdonald's..I've always wanted to watch the Morgan Spurlock documentary, "Super-Size Me".I believe that this movie just smacks Macdonald's in the face,informing the general public that ignorance is not "bliss".It never is. Don't go around and listening to people advising you to not probe while again they say, "ignorance is bliss".

In closing(yes im going to end this ramble of mine!), I think that Civil rights should be sought. Even in a country we live in..Singapore..social issues,local and global, must be resolved.I can't take it.So what if your poor,hungry and illiterate? You deserve a CHANCE. Everyone does.

Well, now is the time that I close. I bid everyone who read this crap of mine a good day and a shower of blessings. God Bless!(not bad huh?:))

Calvin Phua