Friday, November 02, 2007

Freedom Song

What is freedom?

Freedom is a many faced figure to many people of different aspects of life.

To a man on the street, freedom is the right to have a house deed in his name.

To the crminal, freedom is getting out of his jail cell.

To an O' level student, freedom is completing his or her papers as soon as possible.

Freedom is an opinionated view, usually biased towards the party involved. Freedom usually occurs in the head first, as a thought, a thought where the best situation happens to the person. The person believes that he has freedom by doing this act. This belief will then trigger an action, one where the person believes will grant him his so desired freedom.

But what is freedom really all about? To me, it is the true liberation of fears, which will lead to the releasing of potential in anyone or anything. If a person has "freedom", it doesn't mean that that person can do anything he or she wants/likes. That person has freedom when his or her fears are lifted away. The potential that is inside everybody is the main source of that fear. We are fearful only of ourselves. So fearful that we do not do things that ought to be done. We also create a boundary and limit ourselves to the amount of work we can do. This is surprising true when it comes to sports.

Have you ever worked out in a gym alone, by yourself? You'll usually find the session unfullfilling and will go home, begging for more of a kick out of the two hours wasted. If you take a closer look at it..when we're alone and by ourselves, we set a limit on ourselves. We need a constant push, in the form of a personal trainer or your closest friends. No matter what, to achieve a perserverance of high quality, we humans must be encouraged.

Also, have you ever told yourself that you'll lose this amount of weight in this designated timeframe? This kind of plans will not usually come to pass until you, yourself,will sacrifise your lifestyle and eating habits. Experts would be that pushing force in this equation.

As i pen down these examples, i have a vague idea of what you think freedom is. It is truly the sensibility, knowledge and total faith in yourself, the desire to prove that you are either right or should be listened to. In all, freedom is a choice you must make. No one stands on earth today without a choice made on them.

No matter how far you go in life, freedom will be a big issue. Freedom from the work crisis, freedom from the liberation of conforming to the normal. Freedom is not as easily gained as it is thought of. You have to know what to do in order to gain freedom.

Freedom is part of a prompt testing of God, or any other higher force you believe in. Freedom, or the desire to be free is planted into every single thing that is living. Your willingness to fight for that freedom is the test score of the test. The
more willing, the higher the test score.

If you are looking for freedom, first thing you should do is not to be normal. I'm not telling you to do stupid things, but i am illustrating the fact that only unique people change the world. What good would a person be if everyone was exactly like him?Would it be logical that someone can change the world just by being normal and average?

Freedom comes from being the odd one out. You can't maintain your pride while seeking freedom. No man has ever been proud to say, "I am free", unless he has worked hard for it, so much so that he had to humble himself in front of others.

Liberation is a step towards freedom. If you learn how to get yourself liberated from your situations, problems and every fear, you'll be a free man. You'll be so filled with freedom that you don't want it anymore.

Therefore, no matter what happens, i choose freedom. Why be stuck in the normal, boring and mundane society that we live in now? Freedom should be sought and it will be, as soon as you have the desire to be liberated.

Freedom is in your hands.

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