Sunday, October 28, 2007

Self Help.

All throughout my 16 years on earth, i've realised that we people are a common bunch. We always want what we can't have, don't you agree? I hate to list examples but everytime you see the newest game in stores, don't you jump for joy and scream for your parents, begging them for every single penny they have worked hard for, just for your pleasure? what's worse is that you chuck the game away in some cupboard, leaving it for the moth and dust.

What's real funny to me is that we take pride in everything we have, say for example I have my guitar. I really do enjoy playing the guitar and all, but don't you realise something? Let me tell you a secret.Since i've learnt the guitar, at least 10 people have sprouted out, expressing an interest to learn the guitar. I've always given this face, =). I'm telling you now, i'm glad for my own influence, but it's getting out of hand! But i blame no one, it's a normal, human tendency. I've already explained it in the above paragraph.

As for myself, you might say, "oh, Phua's speaking nonsense, he is too 'humble' for himself". Truth is, i am being humble. I want to be humble because i never loved showboating. If you realised I never took "compliments" well, i would usually push them aside and say that i'm not that good, not that up-to-standard as you think. This is the way that i was brought up, never acclaim anything to yourself too much, always portray yourself as someone who is lower than the others. Being the normal,average guy.

You might say, "What on earth is phua rambling about?". All I can say is that this post is not more than just identifying human tendencies. It's also about the usual,normal way that a person will act.As i'm typing this, it's drizzling. You know what the normal human tendency is? You've guessed it, grab an umbrella and go or, brave the rain and step out of your house.

You might think,"i'm not this way"and all, but you have to examine yourself. I have creditablity as a human to say that this is a normal person's reaction.

Back to the topic(i think i got rather off the main topic), i realised that everyone in our community has a certain amount of "wants" and "needs". We clearly know what they are and how to distinguish them. BUT, our human tendencies get in the way. We always mix up our wants and needs. As a small child you go, "Daddy, i want this and that toy". And as a student you go, "Hey Dad, i need money for this weekend, I've got a date." As an adult you'll go, "Hey Honey, I need to show you this and that guitar, i think this could make a nice sixth guitar."

All these examples are very good in showing the misunderstanding of needs and wants. They usually start out as wants.But if they are allowed to grow and develop, our human mind will validate it and say that it is a need that we must have, no matter what. Your lunch might turn from a simple plate of fried rice, to keep you full, into an extremely expensive of crab that has little or no meat, costing up to 50-80 dollars.

I'm not saying that we humans indulge in expensive things, i'm saying that we should note our human tendencies and distinguish our needs and wants. We should be contented with what we have and not what we can't have.

What we have is what we deserve.

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