Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There Can Be Miracles.

THERE CAN BE MIRACLES. I have decided to finally update my blog.

There's been people sniping me to update. And i guess i should. Long long long long time since i've last posted and i'm not gonna slaughter you all with my expositional essays. Rather i'll update you all about my life. ha, here goes.

firstly i'm in FSV,Film Sound and Video at Ngee Ann. awesome course, class, school. Everything about it just vibes "phua" and it's what i enjoy doing. Despite the lack of exams but mega major projects, it's something i'm very grateful for. And if you were wondering, i really am enjoying the course. Can't wait for more torture, in a good way!

secondly. Lomo has become a part of my life. haha. Not the marketing schemes or the supposed dopeness. But the actual release of artistic prowess and emotional expressions. I lomo for love, not for hype. You guys can check my flickr pages up, www.flickr.com/photos/calvinphua and www.flickr.com/photos/calvin-phua. And, it's not some fad. I'm sticking with it. Here one photo to entice you to my flickr page.

And for those who love it. Flickr Flickr. haha.

Thirdly, i've been thinking about it and i've decided to get a new electric guitar. most probably a CIJ(Crafted In Japan) Fender Stratocaster[ for those who know nuts about guitars, google it.]. So yeah, i'll get all prepared for electric guitaring, Blues is my thing. Acoustic Guitar is how i was brought up, but electric guitar is my maturity. lol to that line.

Tweedly speaking, i've never blogged like this since, i was like 14. I feel so different as a 17 year old fella. Strangly people, i am not 25-30. Dont base things on my previous posts. I just, read more than a usual 17 year old.

I can't get anymore updates into my mind. But i will update. Soon. i promise it wont be like a 6 month gap again. i'll try.

Till then, Ciaoz!

Signing off,Yes, that's how i look now, if you havent seen me in a long time. HAHA. ok, ciaoz,love!

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