Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is a black market reformation.

Yes i'm back. I know it's the umpteen time i've said this, but i promise to keep this as updated as possible. lol

Well it's chinese new year season. boring stuff i would say. i mean dinners and reunion stuff and all are fine. but it's just something I'd love to miss out. Not that i'm anti-social or what, but it's just something i can't explain.

I've realised that of date, i've become more independent. or rather, i love to be on my own. i guess it's a good and a bad thing? haha. i've been labelled 'emo' and i dont think that's great. but i get some quiet when i'm alone. so i guess it's a balance aye.

and strangly my blog looks weird. but who cares. maybe i do. but yeah, anything goes.

oh and if i start blogging like this everytime. lol. i'd puke but i guess you'd be happy.

and i feel like dying cause i don't know what to do.pfft.don't ask me about it.

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