Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey guys, i decided to take a break from the issues of my mind and just post about the issues of my heart for this post today.

I was wondering how much our studies matter to us. No matter how we look at it, we never know that we are being stressed, or crushed, or brought to a point in our lives that we are changed. From what we are and into what we don't want to be. We can't control it but we know we can do something about it. We can take lemons and make lemonade.

Having found myself in situations that really push,pull and try to crush me, i have to admire my peers. They may seem stressed, but they don't show it. Not that this is a sign of strength. But this is a sign of strong willpower, tenacity and perserverance. I respect, envy and admire the faith, hope and love I see in the many friends that i have. Especially the people i study with almost everyday. You know who you are! I am supremely proud of you guys. It's not over but i have to say, whatever you guys have done has impacted my life, to a point where i know it's for the better.

Ups or downs don't ever make you guys falter and trials never make you discouraged. You lift up and encourage, you build up and create faith, hope and love. I am awed at the sight and i am very greatly encouraged.

So there you have it, my heart is at rest now. I am truly in debt to everyone who has helped me in my life.

Thank you all.

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